Selasa, 13 September 2005


on september 9, 2005, lorin's grandpa passed from this life into the next. thanks to our ever faithful God, i can say harold is in heaven. the funeral was yesterday and it was a beautiful tribute to a man we all loved.

lorin's mom and i talked a lot while she was in town. she wants so deperately for lorin and me to move to florida. never gonna happen. neither of us have any interest in living there. it's so hard to explain to her that we feel this is where we are supposed to be because it's God's will. it's kind of funny to me because when we first got married, all we wanted to do was find a home in south carolina. believe me, that is still something we long for, but knowing we are walking in accordance with the will of God makes living here easy. i was so discontent before. i hated it here. i was one of the people bashing our area, wishing i was elsewhere. lorin and i know that as long as we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will walk in the blessings of God. i wouldn't want to be anywhere else. when He calls us to, we will go wherever He asks...but i'm hoping it's not florida...

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