Selasa, 13 September 2005


so yesterday, i put a bookshelf together for our family room. there were dowels that came with it to secure some of the shelves and with that came glue. when i was finished assembling it, i brought the glue upstairs where my husband was playing madden '06, of course, and proceeded to squirt some onto my hands. see, as a kid, my dad always used to squirt a little glue in mine and my sisters hands and when it was dry, we'd peel it off. it was fun. i know he probably just did it to keep us from getting into trouble (like trying to drive to mcdonalds when i was 10), but we enjoyed it. so, as i rubbed my hands together, my husband looked at me like i had just pooped on the floor. "what the heck are you doing?!" came loudly from his mouth. i never really thought it was that weird. anyway, today joy came over. we were watching "the biggest loser" and i asked if she'd ever put glue on her hands and peeled it off. turns out she had and loved it! so the rest of the time she was here, we sat contently staring at the tv and peeling glue from our hands. the more i write, the sadder my life sounds, so i'm gonna stop.

wait till you guys see the game's pretty sweet.

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