Senin, 30 Oktober 2006

not feeling creative

yesterday, we had a bonfire for jr. was perfect! the weather was beautiful, the teens loved it, we made hot dogs and s'mores and played kickball and football. couldn't have asked for more.

crave is coming up...i'm so excited!! joe hohman's coming!!

Jumat, 27 Oktober 2006

stuff rolling around in my head

joe mackey is one of my favorite people

i'm married to the perfect man

nestle crunch dark choclate stix are really good

i can't control a darn thing, except the response i have to everything around me

i wish i was turning 24 again...instead of 25

i love our woodburner

lorin's grandma can't say fajita...she pronounces it like "fygeeta"

Selasa, 17 Oktober 2006


if you haven't seen the eastwood mall in a while, drop what your doing and go! you'll wonder if you've lost your mind!


lorin and i are going to florida to be with his mom for thanksgiving this year. i'm really excited to get away for a while, relax, and eat some amazing food. it's my kind of holiday because i only have one place to go.

last christmas wasn't even fun for us because we ended up having to go to 9 places in 2 days. i realize now that we are never going to make everyone happy. what's the point in killing ourselves to get everywhere when it's never enough? this year, we're only committing to seeing our parents. i want to enjoy my holiday and focus on my husband and what christmas is all about.

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2006


my new favorite granola bars. i love fall and eating one of these pumpkin spice flax bars is like packing the season into a snack and eating fall. that sounded a little crazy...but, i don't care! they're good!

Senin, 09 Oktober 2006


the weather was gorgeous yesterday, so i went for a drive. i went alone and it was completely refreshing. i drove around vienna for about an hour and a half with the sunroof and window open. it was just me and thanking Him for His handiwork, Him ministering the peace i needed. it's amazing how uncomplicated life feels in His presence. i've learned i don't have the slightest clue what i'm doing...and it's ok. He knows. i've given up on any plans i think i should have. He'll tell me when i need to make a move and He certainly makes it clear when i shouldn't.

proverbs 19:21
"many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."

Rabu, 04 Oktober 2006

love it...drifter, specifically.

this weekend

lorin, mikel, mackey, janine, and i got back from georgia yesterday at 10:30am after a 15 hour drive. my head is still in a fog. there is so much i could write about, but i'll leave the good stuff for when i get the pictures from janine. free chapel was the church where the conference was held. one word - gorgeous.

we hung around the church after the conference was over and met some amazing people who showed us around. we saw the stage, backstage, editing suites, everything. it was so fun!! one of the guys we met, let lorin and mikel take a couple t-shirts based on pastor franklin's series:

if you've noticed that the title of my blog is in italian, it's my ode to joy.