Selasa, 30 Januari 2007

random thoughts

i'm warning you now - i'm all over the place.

my life is in constant transition. i'm not kidding. it never ends...i guess it's a good thing, though - i'll never be bored. i love the newest transition more than the others. it's unbelievable.

i will have been with lorin for 7 years this fall - for those of you who know me, i'm not counting the first time we dated. i am the luckiest woman ever to spend my time and my life with my absolute best friend. i couldn't be prouder of him. he's the most talented person i know. i love you, bubb.

ok, 24 is the best show on tv. with prison break coming in close second. and ace of cakes in third...and dr. g: medical examiner in fourth.

back to 24 - if keifer sutherland was not on that show, there's not a chance i would watch it. good acting overall - but jack bauer is 24.

prison break - i'm soooo glad they updated haywire's story! i can't stand bill kim's lips!!!

that's all.

Rabu, 24 Januari 2007

times have changed and so have i
i once was young and starry-eyed
now i have these bittersweet memories

songs were long and gas was cheap
no cell phones and water was free
daddy paid and i never had to worry

not no more
not no more
my oh my
look how the time flies
look how the world changes
in the blink of an eye
my oh my
look how the years have flown
turning around before you know it
up and gone
oh my, oh my, oh my

Jumat, 12 Januari 2007

the illusionist

lorin and i rented "the illusionist" a couple nights's a really good movie. i highly recommend fact, i might watch it again tonight!