Selasa, 30 Januari 2007

random thoughts

i'm warning you now - i'm all over the place.

my life is in constant transition. i'm not kidding. it never ends...i guess it's a good thing, though - i'll never be bored. i love the newest transition more than the others. it's unbelievable.

i will have been with lorin for 7 years this fall - for those of you who know me, i'm not counting the first time we dated. i am the luckiest woman ever to spend my time and my life with my absolute best friend. i couldn't be prouder of him. he's the most talented person i know. i love you, bubb.

ok, 24 is the best show on tv. with prison break coming in close second. and ace of cakes in third...and dr. g: medical examiner in fourth.

back to 24 - if keifer sutherland was not on that show, there's not a chance i would watch it. good acting overall - but jack bauer is 24.

prison break - i'm soooo glad they updated haywire's story! i can't stand bill kim's lips!!!

that's all.

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