Jumat, 18 Agustus 2006


that's what dr. jesse spoke on last night. i love services that force you to change your attitude. it was soooo good. he's hilarious! i don't know anyone who can get away with mentioning his naked wife and 2 bowel problems from the pulpit and not be offensive, but he can.

last night was so much fun. although, we didn't get home until 1:20am...i hated that part. we went to friday's with a bunch of people we met at revolution this year. everybody was so cool. hopefully we'll get the chance to hang out more.

tonight, lorin and i are going shopping to find him some sweet clothes to wear for the 4 services he's preaching this weekend. i'm so proud of him! i'm going to try to be the good little wife and go to all 4, but we'll see how that works out.

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2006


tonight, lorin and i are going to canton for ffc's camp meeting. tonight is jesse! (if you've never heard dr. duplantis' story about a car accident and popcorn, ignore the title.) i'm so excited because i've never seen him in person before. plus, we get to hang out with derek and kristen!! popcone!

Senin, 14 Agustus 2006


while in peru, pastor joe convinced lorin to start juicing. so, yesterday we went out and bought a juiceman by that guy with the huge, bushy eyebrows. then, after the feast of the assumption (which was our last solid meal for the rest of the week), we went to the grocery store and bought tons of fruit and veggies. we planned our meals for today and went to bed. i woke up early and washed our breakfast and lunch. for breakfast, we had carrot and apple juice. the first taste was pretty good, but after a few more, i started feeling queasy. i sat down and literally had to talk myself down off the ledge of hurling. i don't think i'll be having anymore carrots this week. And now, i give you "the father of juicing".

Jumat, 11 Agustus 2006

the feast

i am so excited it's friday cause that means sunday is right around the corner. catalyst is going to the feast of the assumption in little italy on sunday and since i love murray hill...i'm like a kid hyped on sugar excited. (my favorite places to go are trattoria on the hill and, after my fill of the most delicious gnocchi ever, i love to go to corbo's across the street - they have the best fresh filled cannoli.) i'll probably eat enough to last me the rest of the week on sunday. wish me luck!

a special thanks to my girl, gabby, for the lovely gift of ginger snaps!


my hubby's back home and all is right with the world again...ok maybe not in the middle-east, or the uk, ok, anyway...here's some pics from their trip: (lorin took most of them, except the ones he's in)

the last one made me laugh hysterically. they had something like 918 salvations in 7 days or something. i'm so glad lorin had that opportunity, but i'm really glad he's home!

Senin, 07 Agustus 2006

bad day

friday was a bad day for me. actually, it was a bad night. i'm missing lorin like stinking crazy, so on top of anything that may disrupt my happy little world, i've been on the verge of tears for over a week now. so, friday night i thought i had plans, but they fell through. so i decided to go shopping and my mom wanted to go with me, so i was thrilled to have company. after we were done, she asked if i wanted to go to her house for dinner, to which i will forever answer with a resounding yes because the woman knows how to cook! on the way over to her house (we drove separately) my cell phone rang and it was the love of my life. i was so happy to hear from him! about 2 minutes into the conversation, his calling card ran out. i lost all control and was sobbing like a baby without its binky. i kept praying, "God, please let him call back! PLEASE!!!!" he didn't call. i pulled into my mom's driveway, we both got out of our cars and she opened the gate to let her dog (who is about the size of a german shepard) out to see me. he must not have recognized me because he came darting out growling and sunk his razor sharp teeth into my hand. already having an emotional breakdown, i crumpled to the ground as my mom kicked and screamed at preston (the aforementioned dog). we went into the house to clean the blood off my ravaged finger and put ice on it. as my mom was in the middle of praying over me, my cell rang again. rudely, i jumped up and answered it...it was lorin. at this point i was hysterical. i don't know that he understood a word i said. "pre..ston...bit..my...h...and...and...i...miss...you... so...much...." was about all i remember. after i calmed down and ate some homemade greek pizza, my mom and her boyfriend handed me a container of ginger snaps..one of my favorite cookies...that they had bought for me at one of my favorite stores, trader joe's. i was so excited because they were really good. at about 11:45pm, i headed home. i pulled into my driveway and figured i could handle carrying everything in one trip. i put the cookies in one of the bags and slowly made my way to the door. suddenly, my cookies were scattered all over my driveway. i don't know if i've ever in my life shown so much restraint as i did in that moment. i carefully put the items down in the house and went back out to clean up the mess. the entire time, i thanked God that the day was almost over, although i wanted to scream a profanity, instead. i went to bed and woke up to the most beautiful day i've seen in a while. tomorrow, i will pick up my squish and bring him back to our home. it'll be the first time i'll feel normal in the past 9 days.