Rabu, 07 September 2005


the soon to be mrs. petronelli told me i had to post something so, here it is! amy, i know you get bored at work, so i'll try to be interesting.

i am constantly amazed by God's grace. i would consider myself a daily failure. my mind just cannot fathom how God can remain so faithful when i fail Him daily. i thought of it this way: i love my husband more than anything (except God, but that's a given). lorin is my world. he's the single most amazing, handsome, exceptional man on the face of the earth if you ask me. but, should he ever betray my trust by cheating on me, i don't think i could stay married to him. now, granted, i don't know what that feels like, but i know it would hurt deeper than anything i've ever felt before. on almost a daily basis, i cheat on God. i ignore His voice or don't take time out of my day to spend with Him...everyone's done it i'm sure. can you imagine being cheated on everyday by the one you would give your life for? i can't even put in words how i feel right now. He's so amazing.

Father, forgive me for not putting you first everyday. you sustain me. you are the air i breathe. help me to see you more. i love you.

all for love a Father gave
for only love could make a way
all for love the heavens cried
for love was crucified

oh how many times have i broken Your heart?
but You still forgive...if only i ask
and how many times have You heard me pray
draw near to me

everything i need is You
my beginning, my forever
everything i need is You

let me sing all for love
i will join the angel song
ever holy is the Lord
King of glory, King of all

all for love a savior prayed
Abba Father have Your way
though they know not what they do
let the cross draw man to you

"all for love" - hillsong united look to you

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