Selasa, 14 Februari 2006

valentine's day

this day has always been kind of an enigma for me. i never really understood the concept. as a kid, you buy valentines, sign them, seal them, and put them in each others decorated boxes. back then the only significance i saw in it was who got the most cards. it was fun. but as i got older the idea of it changed. ok, so this is the day you do something special for the one you love. see...the only thing is, valentine's day will never convince me of something i'm already sure of. my husband does such an amazing job of letting me know how much he loves me. he does it everyday. don't get me wrong, who doesn't like feeling special on this lovers holiday? but the goal should be to make sure that person you've committed to feels special everyday. i guess my point is, i don't need some fancy holiday to prove how much i'm loved. today, i want to be at home, not in some fancy shmancy restaurant, with my husband. i want to cook dinner together. that's all i want. maybe i'm weird, but just being with him is enough for me. i hope i don't sound like a scrooge. i'm just thankful i've been blessed with an amazingly generous, caring, romantic, loving, handsome, sweet husband who shows me everyday how much he loves me. i love me some lorin foster.

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