Jumat, 03 Februari 2006

great driver

i went to a baby shower on sunday. on my way there i got stuck behind someone going kind of slow and i was seriously tailing them. as we were driving, i realized they were also going to the baby shower. i felt awful! i apologized and we laughed it off. well, yesterday i was pulling into giant eagle and as i was turning into a parking space, i realized the person on the right hand side had their back door open. i slowed down after almost crushing them and thought i had better apologize to this poor lady trying to put her child into his car seat. as i was getting out i heard my friend joy (who was meeting me there) talking to the lady and i thought she must really be mad because she's complaining to my friend! as i came around the car i saw that it was the same person i was tailing on the way to the shower! i barely ever see this person and in less than one week, i almost wrecked into her twice!!!

oh...and hi, dad!!

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