Rabu, 04 Januari 2006

i'm baaack...

so, i haven't had any sort of epiphany, and i doubt anyone will ever check this, but i felt like blogging again. how 'bout that. a lot has happened since my last post. i realize more and more the fullness of my life. that might sound sort of big headed, but trust me it's not. i see the blessings in my life because of God's faithfulness, not because of me.
we had thanksgiving at our house this year. it went unbelievably well. it was so much fun cooking and entertaining. i think i'd be willing to do it again. after thanksgiving lorin and i went on a cruise. we went to labadee, hispaniola which is in haiti...dear lord it was beautiful. we rented waverunners and got massages on the beach...it was sweet. then we went to ocho rios, jamaica and climbed dunn's river falls...there's a funny story behind that one, but it's funnier coming from my husband. georgetown, grand cayman was the next stop...the beach was incredibly beautiful. we also rented a waverunner there. then we went to cozumel, mexico. it was awful. i felt so bad for the people there. the hurricane ravaged the area, there was no beach left and the port was torn to shreds. the time we spent on the ship was really fun too. we climbed the rock wall, ate constantly, laid by the pool, and saw some shows...which my cousin was in. it was so bizarre. we were walking down to our assigned deck for the muster drill and the girl taking role call was my cousin mishay!! she's an amazing dancer! that trip was definitely one i'll never forget.
christmas was so crazy, i don't even want to talk about it...although my husband gave me the most amazing, romantic gift ever.
we went to arizona for new year's to visit lorin's aunt and uncle. it was so much fun!! we climbed pinnacle peak, hung out in the hot tub, ate really good food (stuffed lobster tail, rack of lamb, steak, so much more...). the last day we were there, lorin went to the fiesta bowl and i went to a spa and had a facial! it was unbelievable!
we've had a couple of really busy months, but i'm glad to be home and to get started on some new projects. in the midst of all the fun i've had, my husband and i dealt with the most painful blow we've ever experienced. a lot of changes are coming...some i feel ready for, others i could do without, but in spite of the fear that could very easily grip me, i know there has to be a reason. i'm excited to see where God is taking all of us individually and corporately. He's been amazing. i have had so much revelation and encouragement from the Holy Spirit.
i'm listening to "everyday". i love the part that says:
"everyday, Lord, i learn to stand upon your Word and i pray that i might come to know you more. that you would guide me with every single step i take and everyday i will be a light unto the world."

that's it for now...

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