Selasa, 05 September 2006

it's funnier in my head

i think this story could very easily be funnier in my head than in writing, but let's find out.

yesterday being labor day, my dad invited us over to my aunt's house for a barbeque. there were 9 of us there: my dad, step-mom, sister and her boyfriend(matt), my aunt, 2 of my aunt's friends, me and lorin. everyone wanted to play volleyball, so matt and my aunt set up the net. since there were 9 of us, i volunteered to sit out. they played for a while (that alone looked like a game of catch the chicken, palsy-style), and after the ball rolled into the neighbor's yard, my dad decided to kick the ball 30 feet into the air, only to have it land peacefully atop a very large tree. everyone (except me) scrambled to find something to knock the ball down with - some had sticks, some had large rocks. lorin was the first to attempt the virtually impossible. as he threw the small log up into the air, i noticed it was headed not for the tree directly above him, but the neighbor's car! it came down with a loud crash and everyone came barreling towards me...i started running for fear of being trampled, but turned around just to catch a glimpse of the madness. i cannot describe in words how hilarious it is to see 40 and 50 year olds running in panic to hide like children. when i turned to look, i saw each of them running like bulls, nostrils flared, cursing aloud. my sister ran into the house and sat on a couch, to act as though she had nothing to do with it. eventually my dad and lorin walked over to assess the damage...turns out the neighbor didn't hear it and no damage was done. the rest of the night was spent trying to retrieve the dumb ball. we never got it down.

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