Senin, 17 Juli 2006

killing me

i hope this isn't too vague or confusing...

i've found that without even realizing it, i've begun to kill the critic in me. i like myself so much more when i'm just a little less critical and a little more loving and accepting. i think i was way to critical as a teen. i can see why people saw me as cold or distant. i'm not that person anymore. i love the things God can do in you when you let go. it's so much easier to let go than to hold on to things that seem important and ultimately will never make a difference.

i had a conversation with my mom's boyfriend last night that really made me think. we were talking about choices that people make. my question is, are the choices i'm making and the things i am doing going to make a difference or matter in the grand scheme of things? i hope so. i love conversations that make me think and change.

dirty jobs is one of my new favorite shows.

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