Selasa, 09 Mei 2006

babies, babies, babies!

it seems as though some those closest to me feel the need to tell me to start having babies right now. it's not that i don't want to have children, it's that i'm being selfish! i love the time i share with my husband. we can travel anywhere without any concern about the baby we have to care for. i don't necessarily think there's a "perfect" time to have kids, but i do feel there's an "ideal" time. i want to be sure we can financially support a family and still go on vacations. i feel like the best i can do right now is be patient and use wisdom. i want my husband to be ready as much as i am. i know kids are a tremendous blessing and i'll be so excited when the time comes, but i don't feel the need to rush it. i've been married for 3 years and for some reason, people think that's long enough and we need to start a family...i feel like a stinkin newlywed! i know i'm 24, but that doesn't mean i'm ancient! i'm not past my child-bearing'll happen soon enough, but until then, i'm happy where i am. :)

thanks for lettin me rant!

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