Rabu, 05 April 2006

slow down for cryin out loud!

do you ever notice how fast your life flies by? it's crazy! it's already april of 2006. those things that have always seemed so far in the distance seem to always be days away now. i have been graduated from high school for almost 6 years! crap, i'm getting old. i'm going to be 25 this year. if you think back over your childhood, doesn't it seem like that time went sooo slow? i remember thinking days would never end, that teachers lived only to torture me and force me to sit at my desk until i died. now i wish i could make time slow down. i think i've talked about this on here before...i need some new material.

anyway, lorin and i went to see jerry seinfeld a couple of weeks ago...he was hilarious! i didn't stop laughing once. it was fun...thanks, neil!

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