Kamis, 02 Maret 2006


i'm not really sure why i'm even updating this thing because i have nothing to write about.

ummm....i really have nothing. you know how you read someone's blog and they're like, "i don't really have anything to write about..." but then they end up writing a whole paragraph on some random topic? i do that.

refuge and jr. refuge went great last night. i love the new seating set-up. i love the new lighting. i love that we can haze again. it felt good. the energy was good, p&w was awesome, mike did a great job. i am so excited to see where God is taking us. this generation is very different than the ones before it. i feel myself loving them more and more. i've never seen so much hurt. if we can be a haven for them, i'll do anything to make it happen. we've got an amazing team. the leaders in refuge are the best in the world. i love them all. it's like they're all experts at what they do. they do it in excellence and they do it for others, not themselves. that's the way it should be. we're just gonna keep getting better.

this is totally off topic, but i'm all over the place today. my husband and i recently started tivo-ing ed young's program. it's so cool. once i start, i can't stop watching. if you get the chance, watch it, you'll be intrigued.

k, kiddies, that's it for now!

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